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Built for the world's most powerful blockchain networks, Rome Terminal gives you the ability to create and utilize a completely bespoke DeFi management suite. Trading, investment, and analysis can all be accomplished from one fully personalizable terminal interface. Designed with intuitiveness in mind, Rome Terminal lets users access a commercial grade data infrastructure for absolutely no cost.

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 About Us

The Rome Terminal is a multi-blockchain network, multi-DEX, and multi-dApp trading interface. The project was started by Alexander Szul, JD Gagnon, and Hannu Kuusi of Rome Blockchain Labs to address serious challenges faced by decentralized finance traders:

  • How can we be guaranteed access to high-quality trading data?
  • How do we find out about the best new projects in the crypto-space?
  • How can we simplify the management of various decentralized applications?
Decentralized Finance needed a step toward professional grade tools that were absolutely reliable and uncompromisingly bespoke. Providing traders with a platform that has massive analytic potential yet gives easy access to the best of DeFi requires a paradigm-shifting solution.

The Rome Terminal allows the simultaneous, real-time examination of up to 15 different tokens across any number of blockchains. In addition, dApps necessary for efficient trading and lending activities are built directly into the platform. Gone are the days of multiple browser windows separated across multiple screens. Missed trading opportunities due to lack of charting tools are completely resolved with native DEX integration. An eagle-eyed view of your entire portfolio and the power of natively integrated dApps is available all for no cost.

You now have a front page for DeFi.

The Rome Terminal is just one of a host of projects developed by Rome Blockchain Labs (RBL). An initiative started by the above-mentioned co-founders, RBL is pursuantly resolving major challenges facing the future of decentralized finance. More information on this consortium can be found at


The Rome Terminal Beta features a combination of native and third part applications built directly into the service. 

Rome Terminal - Pangolin Widget


Avalanches premiere decentralized exchange, Rome Terminal has native access to the Pangolin UI for seamless token swapping.


Rome Terminal provides its users with real-time transaction data for all token pairs traded on the Pangolin Exchange.

Rome Terminal - Charts Widget
Rome Terminal - Tables Widget


Users are able to switch between chart and table views


DeFi’s most powerful, non-custodial trading bot comes to the Rome Terminal for immediate utilization on the Avalanche Network.

Rome Terminal - Velox Widget
Rome Terminal - Benqi Widget


As one of 2021’s most popular IDO’s, BENQI aims at skyrocketing the infusion of liquidity onto the Avalanche Network. The chains premiere lending platform will soon be available natively to all Rome Terminal user



There is no token, no subscription, and total utilization of the terminal for free. Traders can link their unique interface with a Telegram account to build their optimized DeFi dashboard.


Rome Terminal gives you the ability to create your very own, fully customizable trading dashboard. You have the power to trade with as many real time charts, tables, and supplementary tools as you want.


Built by a team of informatics and telecommunications experts, the Rome Terminal infrastructure provides you with blockchain data the instant it appears on the network.


The future of DeFi is multi-chain and Rome Terminal leads the pack for how that will be utilized. Beginning with Avalanche, you will soon have control of all of your assets on every blockchain from one, intuitive platform.


The Rome Terminal is a multi-blockchain network trading interface. Through the amalgamation of real-time blockchain and transaction data across DeFi’s most popular networks, this platform is able to deliver business grade trading information at the touch of a button.

Traders use the Rome Terminal to manage and develop their DeFi portfolio. Through real time pricing analysis and integrated application management, Rome Terminal gives users every tool they would need to manage their finances.

The Rome Terminal was created to solve one of the most challenging problems in DeFi: How do you bring the best of DeFi to it’s users? Rome Terminal solves this challenge by actively integrating top-of-the-line applications into a user-defined terminal structure.

There is no Rome Terminal token and no subscription fee to utilize this platform. Individual dapps and networks may have their own fees.

All user data for the Rome Terminal is privately stored and not sold to advertisers or third parties.

No, the Rome Terminal requires no access to your crypto wallet. Individual dApps, however, may require access to use their services.

The Rome Terminal is developed by the team at Rome Blockchain Labs

You can start by reading the user guide here: Rome Terminal User Guide

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